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The Opposite of Glorification by Peter Burke

Peter Burke preached on Sunday past about Heaven and Glorification… he points us towards a short Audio clip on Hell and Damnation.

If you tuned into the service on Sunday (22/03/2020) you’ll know that we finished our current sermon series called “Saved”. In this series we have thought about God’s amazing work of salvation. On Sunday we thought about glorification. Glorification is the perfect state that followers of Jesus will live in with him forever.

However, not everyone will experience glorification. Those who do not follow Jesus will experience damnation in Hell. We don’t really like to spend a lot of time thinking about Hell, it’s scary. Tim Keller (a pastor from New York) explains why it is important to think about Hell as well as the New Earth. In this brief talk…

click here. Tim Keller’s talk plays for the first 15 mins

Keller shows us why we need to think about hell. Two things really struck me.
First, it is only when we understand Hell that we understand how seriously God takes sin and how offended he is by it. Secondly, when we begin to understand Hell we begin to understand what Jesus experienced on the cross for all who trust him.

Also, in this talk Keller mentions a book by CS Lewis called “The Great Divorce”. This is a short novel about what comes after death. It’s a really good read and gets us thinking about what is to come. Now we’ve all got a bit more time on our hands, why not read it?