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Worship On Sunday and Wednesday

Each Sunday at 1130 and Wednesday at 730 we meet for public worship. All are welcome, but in these Covid days things are a bit different. We have adopted a 2 metre social distance, we wear masks (if possible) and we remain seated to sing; however difficult these things are we appreciate that these safety measures allow us to meet and protect our families. To meet is vital for us so we put up with all this for this period.

The stewards will greet you and you will be advised where to sit. Feel free to let us know if you need to be seated in the ground floor. If you have any Covid symptoms you are encouraged to stay at home and watch online.

Our order of service is a little bit different than it was before the lockdown. We still sing, pray and hear the Bible read and preached, but in these days, there is no children’s ministry and the length of worship is usually less than an hour.

Join us any week on Sunday and Wednesday, you’ll be most welcome. Please give us a shout if you require any information. All contact details are below.

Announcement – 17th March 2020

West Kirk Presbyterian are not gathering for worship this Sunday and until otherwise notified. This news follows the earlier news that our halls and youth work had to close. Please let as many people as possible know. The elders will be in touch with folks by phone over the next few days.

We are also closing the West Kirk Community Project drop in from Wednesday 18th March (18/3/20)

The Ministry team will be putting together some materials that will help us grow in grace, godliness and as a gospel community, even in these days. We will post up a virtual worship for Sunday. Keep an eye on Facebook and We will try to deliver paper copies of the Sunday Service, for those who want this but aren’t online. This will include a transcript of the whole service.

It won’t be the same, but Grace abounds. This is a serious time for our community, and around the world. We are certain the it has not taken God by surprise. He is sovereign and good.

Spread the word around friends and family and encourage each other over the phone. Share a wee bible verse and pray for one another, pray for our community, pray for shop workers and healthcare workers and others who will keep working through this. Please Pray for local businesses in the greater Shankill at this difficult time. If you’re able keep an eye on your neighbours. Pray for God’s protection and provision. Pray that people will trust in God in these days.

If we can help, or advise give Rev David Clawson a ring 02890714405